SACOTA Membership Fee & Structure

Definition for determining volumes on which membership fees are calculated

In terms of cereals, oilseeds, oilcakes and vegetable oils
– All sales entered into AND executed to the final consumer (Imports will be included in the volume delivered to the final consumer)

  • “cereals” – means white maize, yellow maize, sorghum, wheat, barley, oats, rye and rice;
  • “end user” – means role players in the industry and include, but is not limited to compound feed manufacturers, feedlots, maize millers, wheat millers, soybean processors, oil expressers, bio-fuel manufacturers, and exports;
  • “final consumer” – means the industry/processor who will process the raw material into a finished product and/or is seen as the end user;
  • “oilseeds” – means sunflower seed, soya beans, groundnuts and canola.
Membership Fee:

Please contact the SACOTA Office for the latest membership fees.